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With 30 years of experience, we have performed all types of repair and restoration work. We are also experts in local SMART REPAIRS.

Insurance Claims

If you need help to make a claim or in deciding what to do, we promise to provide the very best solution that suits you.
Sometimes it is just not worth making a claim, especially for minor damage.

If it is necessary to make a claim and it seems to be your fault, don’t worry, we will advise you with all the options open to you. You may be surprised how little an Insurance claim may affect you.

If matters are not your fault, making a claim without involving your Insurance Company couldn’t be easier. This will not affect your No Claims Bonus or Policy. You will be entitled to a replacement “like for Like” vehicle and recover any losses as a result of the incident, such as loss of income, broken mobile phone etc.

Personal Injury. If you allow us to assist you with any injuries you may of sustained as a result of an accident, we assure you of the very best outcome and compensation settlement.

It’s Simple

One call to your insurance Company to report the claim.

Obtain a claim reference number and call us.

We will do the rest!